Appraisal & Evaluation

Appraisal & Evaluation

In order to provide accurate appraisals, our fine rug specialists follow a eight step appraisal process.

1. Find the Knots-Per-Inch or KPI

2. Identify Your Rug’s Origin

3. Learn Your Rug’s Age and Condition

4. Learn Your Rug’s Country of Origin

5. Learn Your Rug’s Style

6. Learn Your Rug’s age

7. Learn Your Rug’s any possible damage

8. Identify Your Rug materials and colors


Receive Appraisal Report in your Email
Appraisal certificates will be emailed 1-2 days What you get with a full appraisal
If you’re looking for a more thorough appraisal with full documentation, then we would recommend a full appraisal. With a full appraisal you’ll receive:

Full documentation Current replacement and resell value
History and origin of the rug
Detailed description on the condition of the rug and more…!

When you hire us for an appraisal, what you will get is a professional document with a full assessment of the rug.

 This includes the exact type of rug, age, condition, history, current market and replacement value. We attach photos, our credentials and contact info so the document can be used as proof in case of loss. Make sure to check with your insurance representative about coverage of your high-value rugs!Appraisal certificates include all the specifications of the rug as well as the current market value.

If you’re considering having a rug appraised, don’t look any further. We pick up and deliver locally for free. To get an appraisal, a quote for cleaning, or any information on your rugs, call 613-421-3413 or email us
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