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With a family history in the carpet industry dating back over 60 years, Davoud brings years of quality and diverse experience to this industry in Ottawa. Davoud's father owned a successful carpet store that specialized in carpet restoration and repair in Tabriz, Iran. Davoud began working in the family business at the age of 10 and quickly learned the trade. By the time he was 18, he was teaching new employees how to repair and restore carpets. Since the time in his father's shop, Davoud has continued to work in the business all over the Middle East, gaining even greater experience and expertise with a variety carpet styles, materials, and manufacturing techniques. In 2003, following in his father's footsteps, he opened his own carpet restoration business in Turkey, which he successfully operated until 2009 when he decided to start a new life in Canada.

Capitalizing on the depth of experience acquired by Davoud in his 26 years of experience in the business, Gohari Oriental Rugs specializes in the conservation, restoration and repair of antique rugs. His passion for what he does ensures that he takes the greatest care in every job that he undertakes. By taking the time to study each carpet, Davoud makes sure that he matches the materials he uses in repairs with the original materials and styles of the carpet. If your carpet is originally from Turkey, he will repair it with Turkish materials to ensure that the original beauty and splendor of the carpet is maintained.

Some of Davoud Gohari’s  experiences :

– Almost 32 Years of experience in Persian and oriental rug restoration, cleaning, and weaving of unique and valuable rugs like Tabriz , Isfahan, Serapi, Oushak, Sarough, Heriz , Bakhtiari , Persian ,Turkish ,Chines,Afghani,

– Specialists in aspects of the restoration and conservation of historic rugs , carpets , flat weaves and textiles

– Conservation of historic rugs , flatweaves , for private owners and collectors

– Restoration and conservation for government of Canada NCC-RideauHall ( late 1800 Persian Haji Jalili  rug )

– restoration and conservation of 100 years old  Persian Tabriz rug

– restoration and conservation of  120 years old  Azerbaijan  flat weave ( kilim )

– restoration and conservation of  100 years old  Azerbaijan  flat weave  (sumac )

– restoration and conservation of  100 years old  Turkish  carpet ( ushak )

– restoration and conservation of  300  years old  Azerbaijan karabag rug for a private collector ( almost  2 years restoration )

– Restoration and conservation for government of Canada ( late 1900 Persian Baktiari rug  )

Davoud Gohari

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