Gohari Oriental Rug Service Since 1990

  • Gohari Oriental Rugs Service Offer High-Quality Carpet & Rug restoration & Textile conservation including washing & cleaning, repair & restoration, and conservation technics .

our Experiences

our professional team of conservators are specially trained in the art of restoration & conservation

Moth proofing

If you are worried that moths may be in your home, the best way to find out would be to check the edges of your carpets as well as areas under furniture. If possible, check the back of the rug too. If you see areas that are missing wool but the cotton foundation remains, it is likely that you either have moths or have had them in the past. If your rug needs moth proofing our product gives you almost 20 years protection

Carpet cleaning and restoration

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Every Thing About The Art Of Restoration And Conservation Of Rugs And Textiles

This is our passion that’s why in gohari oriental rugs service we do museum quality cover for your fine rugs and textiles and tapestries


Large late 1800s antique Persian Tabriz.
One of our more involved projects in Rideau Hull Canada.

GOHARI ORIENTAL RUGS SERVICE 12 some of my works ( 2015 )