hand washing

We are one of the best Ottawa's carpet and rug, upholstery and textile cleaning. Our team consists of professionals carpet and textile Hand Washing .

  • Moth proofing  :
  • If you are worried that moths may be in your home, the best way to find out would be to check the edges of your carpets as well as areas under furniture. If possible, check the back of the rug too. If you see areas that are missing wool but the cotton foundation remains, it is likely that you either have moths or have had them in the past
  • If your rug needs moth proofing our product gives you almost 20 years protection

What we do for washing :

remove almost any kind on stains                                 using traditional hand washing                                 Remove the dust 
Safe & Non-toxic for children  & pets remove pet stain and odour disinfection back and front of your rug 
    using natural shampoo for washing 

Areas Covered  :

CARLTON PLACE                          NEPEAN                        GLOUCESTER                          OTTAWA

we are experienced in carpets and textiles of various destinations such as:

Morocco                                Turkish                                    Russian                                   Persian
Kurdish Azeri Turkmen Chinese
Middle Eastern European Uzbek Afghan

Our cleaning specialists cover a wide range of services such as: 

  Needle point/embroideries and flat weave cleaning                          Oriental rug cleaning                           Rug cleaning
  Stain removal Full silk rug cleaning Area rug cleaning
  Odour removal Klim cleaning Carpet cleaning
  Mold removal Tapestry cleaning Commercial carpet cleaning
  Pest control Textile cleaning Upholstery Cleaning