Gohari Oriental Rugs Service is one of the best Ottawa’s carpet and rug, upholstery, and textile restoration. Our team consists of professionals carpet and textile conservators.

Our professional team of restorers cares about each individual order. Our specialists do all of the work
by hand, taking special care with each order we receive. We are equipped to handle almost any type
of repair or restoration on any style or size of carpet, tapestry, and textiles.
We work with any material or combination of materials (silks, wools, cotton, synthesized fabrics &, etc).
Almost 26 Years of experience in Persian and oriental rug restoration, cleaning, and weaving of unique and valuable rugs like Tabriz, Isfahan, Serapi, Oushak, Sarough, Heriz, Bakhtiari, Persian, Turkish, Chines, Afghani,
Specialists in aspects of the restoration and conservation of historic rugs, carpets, flatweaves, and textiles.
Conservation of historic rugs, flatweaves, for private owners and collectors.

What sort of services do we offer?

We provide various packages with regard to antique rug repair and restoration. We can repair your fringes for you and we can treat your worn out the rug. We use proper yarns and wools for our processes so that your rug is not spoilt. This also ensures that the repaired fringes are stable and so do not wear out too quickly. We use high-quality wool for carrying out all repairs so that the longevity of your rug can be maintained. While doing this, we pay attention to the original material and weave of your rug in order to maintain its original look

we are experienced in carpets and textiles of various destinations such as:
-Middle Eastern

Below is part of the services that we offer:

  • wool and silk binding
  • New fringe installation
  • leather binding
  • Compensation fabric, yarn and fiber dyeing
  • re-stretching
  • patching
  • hanging carpet and tapestries (sewing and custom method)
  • re-binding
  • re-weave and re-knotting
  • pet damages
  • burn and cut
  • moth care
  • hole repair
  • worn damage
  • sides and ends (stitch lock and re-surging)
  • seam repair
  • water damage
  • stain repair
  • rips & slit and tear repair
  • silk, wool, cotton, linen, synthetic textile conservation
  • Tapestry and kilim restoration
  • Needle point/ embroideries and flat woven textiles
  • Traditional dresses restoration
  • upholstry restoration
  • Middle eastern textiles restoration
  • Termeh restoration
  • Gilded (Gold and silver thread) textiles restoration
  • Sampler restoration
  • Button blanket restoration
  • Flags restoration
  • Antiques restoration
  • Fabric book covers/ velvet restoration

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